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Impact Installer

Intended to simplify the process of installing Impact versions. Note that the installer is still very much unfinished, we would greatly appreciate bug reports and feature requests.


Dowload the latest Installer, run the download with Java (version 1.8 or higher), select the version and options you want to install and click Install.


You can build the installer using the included gradle wrapper. Open a command prompt/terminal inside the installer directory and type gradlew build on Windows or ./gradlew build on OSX or Linux.

The finished jar will end up under build/libs/. You want the one that looks like Installer-1.0-all.jar.

Setting up a development environment

You can set the installer up as a Gradle project in Intellij and other IDEs such as Eclipse.

In Intellij, choose "Import project", "Gradle project", select "Use included gradle wrapper" and continue.

Once the IDE opens the project, be sure to refresh the project, type Ctrl+Shift+A, type "refresh" and select "Refresh all Gradle projects"*[]:

You probably want to be able to run the installer without having to build a jar and open it with Java. Intellij can run the project if you create a Run Configuration. Type Ctrl+Shift+A, type "run config" and select "Edit configurations". Click the + icon and choose "Application". For "Main class", choose "Installer" and for "Use classpath of module" choose "installer.main". You probably want to name your run config something like "Run" or "Installer".

You can now run or debug the installer with Shift+F10 and Shift+F9.

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