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+Erakoon_ is a proof-of-concept Erlang_ client for the Arakoon_ distributed
+key-value store.
+Currently, it does not support the latest Arakoon protocol format, and as such
+can't be used with recent servers. Some work would be required to update the
+code accordingly.
+.. _Erakoon:
+.. _Erlang:
+.. _Arakoon:
+Building and Testing
+Erakoon uses the build system included in Erlang/OTP releases and contains an
+``Emakefile`` accordingly. There's a utility ``Makefile`` to execute the
+necessary actions, use ``make`` to build or ``make test`` to run the
+The tests are executed using the ``prove`` utility found in the Perl
+*Test-Harness* package, which is a dependency, as well as the Erlang ``etap``

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