For Swift please visit DeviceGuru(
Objective-C Ruby


For Swift please use DeviceGuru as below

pod 'DeviceGuru'

DeviceUtil helps identifying the exact harware type of the device. e.g. iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s.

  • Easy to use
  • Light weight


Go to
Search for DeviceUtil lib
Copy the pod dependency and add that to your pod file. e.g.

pod 'DeviceUtil'


  if ([DeviceUtil hardware] == IPHONE_5C) {
    NSLog(@"Device is iPhone 5c");

Device codes

Device hardware() hardwareString()
iPhone 2G iphone_2G iPhone1,1
iPhone 3G iphone_3G iPhone1,2
iPhone 3GS iphone_3GS iPhone2,1
iPhone 4 iphone_4 iPhone3,1
iPhone 4 iphone_4 iPhone3,2
iPhone 4 CDMA iphone_4_CDMA iPhone3,3
iPhone 4s iphone_4S iPhone4,1
iPhone 5 iphone_5 iPhone5,1
iPhone 5 CDMA GSM iphone_5_CDMA_GSM iPhone5,2
iPhone 5c iphone_5C iPhone5,3
iPhone 5c CDMA GSM iphone_5C_CDMA_GSM iPhone5,4
iPhone 5s iphone_5S iPhone6,1
iPhone 5s CDMA GSM iphone_5S_CDMA_GSM iPhone6,2
iPhone 6 Plus iphone_6_PLUS iPhone7,1
iPhone 6 iphone_6 iPhone7,2
iPhone 6s Plus iphone_6S_PLUS iPhone8,2
iPhone 6s iphone_6S iPhone8,2
iPhone SE iphone_SE iPhone8,4
iPhone 7 iphone_7 iPhone9,1
iPhone 7 Plus iphone_7_PLUS iPhone9,2
iPhone 7 iphone_7 iPhone9,3
iPhone 7 Plus iphone_7_PLUS iPhone9,4
Device hardware() hardwareString()
iPod Touch 1G ipod_TOUCH_1G iPod1,1
iPod Touch 2G ipod_TOUCH_2G iPod2,1
iPod Touch 3G ipod_TOUCH_3G iPod3,1
iPod Touch 4G ipod_TOUCH_4G iPod4,1
iPod Touch 5G ipod_TOUCH_5G iPod5,1
iPod Touch 6G ipod_TOUCH_6G iPod7,1
Device hardware() hardwareString()
iPad ipad iPad1,1
iPad 3G ipad_3G iPad1,2
iPad 2 Wifi ipad_2_WIFI iPad2,1
iPad 2 ipad_2 iPad2,2
iPad 2 CDMA ipad_2_CDMA iPad2,3
iPad 2 ipad_2 iPad2,4
iPad Mini WIFI ipad_MINI_WIFI iPad2,5
iPad 3 WIFI ipad_3_WIFI iPad3,1
iPad 3 CDMA ipad_3_WIFI_CDMA iPad3,2
iPad 3 ipad_3 iPad3,3
iPad 4 WIFI ipad_4_WIFI iPad3,4
iPad 4 ipad_4 iPad3,5
iPad 4 GSM CDMA ipad_4_GSM_CDMA iPad3,6
iPad Air ipad_AIR_WIFI iPad4,1
iPad Air GSM ipad_AIR_WIFI_GSM iPad4,2
iPad Air CDMA ipad_AIR_WIFI_CDMA iPad4,3
iPad Mini Retina ipad_MINI_RETINA_WIFI iPad4,4
iPad Mini Retina CDMA ipad_MINI_RETINA_WIFI_CDMA iPad4,5
iPad Mini Retina Cellular CN ipad_MINI_RETINA_WIFI_CELLULAR_CN iPad4,6
iPad Mini 3 ipad_MINI_3_WIFI iPad4,7
iPad Mini 3 Cellular ipad_MINI_3_WIFI_CELLULAR iPad4,8
iPad Mini 4 ipad_MINI_4_WIFI iPad5.1
iPad Mini 4 Cellular ipad_MINI_4_WIFI_CELLULAR iPad5.2
iPad Air 2 ipad_AIR_2_WIFI iPad5.3
iPad Pro 9.7 Wifi Only ipad_PRO_97_WIFI iPad6,3
iPad Pro 9.7 Wifi + Cellular ipad_PRO_97_WIFI_CELLULAR iPad6,4
iPad Pro ipad_PRO_WIFI iPad6,7
iPad Pro Cellular ipad_PRO_WIFI_CELLULAR iPad6,8
9.7-inch iPad Wifi ipad_2017_WIFI iPad6,11
9.7-inch iPad Wifi + Cellular ipad_2017_WIFI_CELLULAR iPad6,12
Apple TV
Device hardware() hardwareString()
Apple TV 1G appleTV_1G appleTV1,1
Apple TV 2G appleTV_2G appleTV2,1
Apple TV 3G appleTV_3G appleTV3,1
Apple TV 3G rev A appleTV_3_2G appleTV3,2
Apple TV 4G appleTV_4G appleTV5,3
Apple Watch
Device hardware() hardwareString()
Apple Watch (38 mm) appleWatch_38 Watch1,1
Apple Watch (42 mm) appleWatch_42 Watch1,2
Apple Watch Series 2 (38 mm) appleWatch_SERIES_2_38 Watch2,3
Apple Watch Series 2 (42 mm) appleWatch_SERIES_2_42 Watch2,4
Apple Watch Series 1 (38 mm) appleWatch_SERIES_1_38 Watch2,6
Apple Watch Series 1 (42 mm) appleWatch_SERIES_1_42 Watch2,7
Device hardware() hardwareString()
Simulator simulator i386
Simulator simulator x86_64
Simulator simulator hasPrefix("iPhone")
Simulator simulator hasPrefix("iPod")
Simulator simulator hasPrefix("iPad)


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