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A cross platform solution to node's spawn
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A cross platform solution to node's spawn.

This module is deprecated, use cross-spawn instead which no longer requires a build toolchain.


$ npm install cross-spawn-async


Node has issues when using spawn on Windows:

  • It ignores PATHEXT
  • It does not support shebangs
  • It does not allow you to run del or dir
  • It does not properly escape arguments with spaces or special characters

All these issues are handled correctly by cross-spawn-async. There are some known modules, such as win-spawn, that try to solve this but they are either broken or provide faulty escaping of shell arguments.


Exactly the same way as node's spawn, so it's a drop in replacement.

var spawn = require('cross-spawn-async');

var child = spawn('npm', ['list', '-g', '-depth', '0'], { stdio: 'inherit' });


$ npm test


Released under the MIT License.