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Analyzes Clarity Election Systems data for the whole state of Georgia


  • ParseClarityElectionDataForStateOfGeorgia.cs
  • which code and results I will archive at:
  • "To the extent possible under law, Ineffable Performativity has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to
  • The C# program Georgia2020ElectionFraud.cs and resultant outputs.
  • This work is published from: United States."
  • This work is offered as per license:
  • This application has mined out and presents solid proof of 2020 POTUS ELECTION FRAUD here:
  • LocationBeingStudied = "StateOfGeorgia"
  • This work can easily be tweaked for other locations that use CLARITY election system.
  • String constants matching Contest names must change;
  • How to distinguish Party may change.
  • GrainTag may change.
  • XML hierarchy may change
  • Goal: Parsing the "Clarity" type of 2020 Election data for State of Georgia.
  • via
  • Where I manually downloaded, extracted detail.xml,
  • and renamed it: StateOfGeorgia-detail.xml
  • BTW, refetched it 2020-11-20 9:31 PM CT
  • to demonstrate any inverse republicanism::trump relationship
  • as was described for Milwaukee County Wisconsin in an article at:
  • This application comes on the heels of my similar successful app,
  • which was also saved there on
  • ParseMilwaukeeCountyWiVotes.cs
  • That app showed a very clear 3% skew of POTUS race from lower races.
  • I am cloning an app that did the CLARITY data for state of Georgia.
  • But that data did NOT show POTUS race to be skewed from lower races,
  • so I did not proceed to the plotting step therein. Maybe this time.
  • I am now RE-cloning from a 2nd Gen app to re-do state of Georgia.


Analyzes Clarity Election Systems data for the whole state of Georgia






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