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Fishing for Trouble mod by Yovaneth's with EE(T) support
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What is this repository?

This is Yovaneth's Fishing for Trouble mod for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, adapted for Enhanced Edition while remaining compatible with original BG2 and BGT.

Yovaneth is no longer supporting this mod and has given permission to update it.

For more details about the mod itself, see the FishingForTrouble-Readme.html.

Who is currently maintaining this mod?

Active members of InfinityMods Github organization

Where to look for help regarding this mod?

Changes since v3.0 HF 1 (last release by Yovaneth)

  • Incorporated patches from the BiG World Fixpack
  • Renamed mod folder and tp2 from dq to fishingfortrouble
  • Incorporated EET compatibility patches from K4thos
  • Simplified tp2 by moving sub-sections into tpa files
  • Replaced platform-specific conversions with HANDLE_AUDIO and HANDLE_TILESETS
  • Fixed some typos in the English translation
  • Added check for EE game type to lib/patches.tpa to avoid patching ACTION.IDS (some signatures changed in EE)
  • Incorporated patch from K4thos to fix EET journal chapter numbering
  • Removed an invalid reference (
  • Fixed issues reported by micbaldur (
  • Fixed Tis files for large areas in EE games
  • added MacOS WeiDU executable and changed setup-fishingfortrouble.command file
  • fixed double spawning of tanar'ri at lighthouse and added missing leaving code
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