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Ingenico Connect JavaScript Client SDK
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Ingenico Connect JavaScript SDK


The JavaScript SDK helps you to communicate with the Ingenico Connect Client API. It's primary features are:

  • handling of all the details concerning the encryption of the payment details,
  • convenient JavaScript wrapper around the API calls and responses,
  • localization of various labels and messages,
  • user-friendly formatting (masking) of payment data such as card numbers and expiry dates,
  • validation of input, and
  • a check to determine to which payment provider a card number is associated.

See the Ingenico ePayments Developer Hub for more information on how to use the SDK.


⚠ Please note that all examples have been moved to their own repository.

Structure of this repository

This repository consists out of three main components:

  1. The source code of the SDK itself: /src/
  2. A distributable folder containing the result of the builds of the previous two components: /dist/
  • /dist/connectsdk.js - The concatenated but not minified full SDK source
  • /dist/connectsdk.min.js - The minified version of connectsdk.js
  • /dist/connectsdk.noEncrypt.js - The concatenated but not minified SDK source without the encryption components
  • /dist/connectsdk.noEncrypt.min.js - The minified version of connectsdk.noEncrypt.js

Building the repository

This repository uses gulp to build. Assuming you have npm and gulp installed, building is straightforward:

  1. If it exists remove the dist folder.
  2. From the root of the project install all dependencies: npm install.
  3. From the same location run gulp: gulp build.
  4. The result of the build will have been written to the dist folder.
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