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Laravel package to allow others to login via indieauth
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The Laravel-IndieAuth-Client package offers a simple form field that will allow users to log in to your site via indieauth.


first run composer require to fetch the vendor libraries.

Next add it to your providers and aliases in config/app.php.


    'providers' => [


    'aliases' => [


        'IndieAuth' => Inklings\IndieAuth\Helpers::class,




Adding to templates

Now you can easily add a login / logout form directly in your template

{!! IndieAuth::login_logout_form() !!}

There are also login_form() and logout_form() functions.

You can add a logged in line, if the user is currently logged in.

    @if (IndieAuth::is_logged_in())
        <div>Logged In As: {!! IndieAuth::user() !!}</div>

You can customize the templates by using the vendor:publish command

Any results will be in session('error') or session('success');

Look at src/Helpers.php to see all functions available under IndieAuth::

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