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With reconstruct, capsule representation, adversarial experiments. Implementation of NIPS2017 paper "Dynamic Routing Between Capsules" in tensorflow.
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Dynamic Routing Between Capsules

reference: Dynamic routing between capsules by Sara Sabour, Nicholas Frosst, Geoffrey E Hinton

Note: this implementation strictly follow the instructions of the paper, check the paper for details.


The key of the paper is not how accurate the CapsNet is, but the novel idea of representation of image with capsule.


  • Codes are tested on tensorflow 1.3, and python 2.7. But it should be compatible with python 3.x
  • Other dependencies as follows,

install by running

$ cd $ROOT
$ pip install -r requirements.txt


NOTE: all the experiments conducted on the checkpoint: Jbox(SJTU) or Google_Drive


By running:

$ cd code
$ python --ckpt 'path/to/ckpt' --mode reconstruct

reconstruct results: (Note: the float numbers on the row with even number are max norm of the 10 digit capsules)

1 2

capsule unit representation

By running:

$ cd code
$ python --ckpt 'path/to/ckpt' --mode cap_tweak


Note: images along x-axis are representations of units of 16-D vector, and y-axis corresponds to the tweak range of [-0.25, 0.25] with stride 0.05.

cap_tweak-1 cap_tweak-1

adversarial test

By running:

$ cd code
$ python --ckpt 'path/to/ckpt' --mode adversarial


adver-1 adver-2 adver-3

the adversarial result is not as good as i expected, I was hoping that capsule representation would be more robust to adversarial attack.


Note: all trained with batch_size = 100

latest commit with 3 iterations of dynamic routing:

1. update dynamic routing with tf.while_loop and static way
2. fix margin loss issue


Iterations 1k 2k 3k 4k 5k
val_acc 98.90 99.16 99.09 99.30 99.24
test_acc - - - - 99.21

commit 8e3785d.

with bugs:
1. wrong implementation of margin loss
2. updating `prior` during routing 


Iterations 2k 4k 5k 7k 9k 10k
val_acc 98.02 98.58 - 98.82 98.96 -
test_acc - - 98.89 - - 99.09


  • clone the repo, and set up parameters in code/
  • then
$ cd $ROOT/code
$ python --data_dir 'path/to/data' --max_iters 10000 --ckpt 'OPTIONAL:path/to/ckpt' --batch_size 100

or train with logs by runing(NOTE: set extra arguments in accordingly):

$ cd $ROOT/code
$ bash
  • The less accurate may due to the missing 3M parameters.(My implementaion with 8M compared to 11M referred in the paper.) Different input size.
  • The model is still under-fitting.


  • report exclusive experiment results
  • try to fix the inefficacy


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