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Implementation of CVPR2017 paper "A Hierarchical Approach for Generating Descriptive Image Paragraphs" in Tensorflow (in progress...)
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Implementation of CVPR2017 paper: A Hierarchical Approach for Generating Descriptive Image Paragraphs by ** Jonathan Krause, Justin Johnson, Ranjay Krishna, Fei-Fei Li**

NOTE: This repo is based on densecap-tensorflow, and it's still buggy.


Update 2018.1.27

  • Following procedures will be adapted for IM2P soon.


To install required python modules by:

pip install -r lib/requirements.txt

Preparing data


Website of Visual Genome Dataset

  • Make a new directory VG wherever you like.
  • Download images Part1 and Part2, extract all (two parts) to directory VG/images
  • Download image meta data, extract to directory VG/1.2 or VG/1.0 according to the version you download.
  • Download region descriptions, extract to directory VG/1.2 or VG/1.0 accordingly.
  • For the following process, we will refer directory VG as raw_data_path

Unlimit RAM

If one has RAM more than 16G, then you can preprocessing dataset with following command.

$ cd $ROOT/lib
$ python --version [version] --path [raw_data_path] \
        --output_dir [dir] --max_words [max_len]

Limit RAM (Less than 16G)

If one has RAM less than 16G.

  • Firstly, setting up the data path in info/ accordingly, and run the script with python. Then it will dump regions in REGION_JSON directory. It will take time to process more than 100k images, so be patient.
$ cd $ROOT/info
$ python read_regions --version [version] --vg_path [raw_data_path]
  • In lib/, set up data path accordingly. After running the file, it will dump gt_regions of every image respectively to OUTPUT_DIR as directory.
$ cd $ROOT/lib
$ python --version [version] --path [raw_data_path] \
        --output_dir [dir] --max_words [max_len] --limit_ram

Compile local libs

$ cd root/lib
$ make


Add or modify configurations in root/scripts/dense_cap_config.yml, refer to 'lib/' for more configuration details.

$ cd $ROOT
$ bash scripts/ [dataset] [net] [ckpt_to_init] [data_dir] [step]


  • dataset: visual_genome_1.2 or visual_genome_1.0.
  • net: res50, res101
  • ckpt_to_init: pretrained model to be initialized with. Refer to tf_faster_rcnn for more init weight details.
  • data_dir: the data directory where you save the outputs after prepare data.
  • step: for continue training.
    • step 1: fix convnet weights
    • stpe 2: finetune convnets weights
    • step 3: add context fusion, but fix convnets weights
    • step 4: finetune the whole model.


Create a directory data/demo

$ mkdir $ROOT/data/demo

Then put the images to be tested in the directory and run

$ cd $ROOT
$ bash scripts/ [ckpt_path] [vocab_path]

It will create html files in $ROOT/demo, just click it. Or you can use the web-based visualizer created by karpathy by

$ cd $ROOT/vis
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8181

Then point your web brower to http://localhost:8181/view_results.html.


  • Debugging.


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