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How and why you should contribute to this wiki

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How to contribute to this wiki

Contributing to the wiki is easy; all it takes is a Github account. See this article for specific help about editing a Github wiki.

Why you should contribute to this wiki

The InnerSource Commons is structured as an open source project; but it is not directly an open source software project. Instead, it is using the open source method to produce useful documentation that will help InnerSource Commons members succeed implementing inner sourcing (the application of open source methods on internal software development within a company/organization/corporation).

This approach will only succeed if a significant percentage of the InnerSource Commons members contribute to this effort.

What about proprietary information?

In the vast majority of cases, the companies of the members of this InnerSource Commons community are not directly in the business of inner sourcing. Instead, they are in other businesses and are just using inner sourcing to realize the benefits of inner sourcing while developing software for their products or internal tools. So inner sourcing, while difficult, is not really a trade secret of these companies. Indeed, because inner sourcing is difficult, it is only through the shared experiences of the community that progress can be improved over what any individual company might achieve on its own.

Knowledge sharing can take many forms; and the use of [InnerSource Patterns](InnerSource Patterns) should help in the flow and usability of information. But to maximize what you get out of this community, you need to give something back. There is a social component to this community. Contributing information to the community helps members establish connections that they can draw upon for, for instance, additional helpful information beyond what a written pattern might contain.

What about copyright?

As stated on the about page, the InnerSource Commons accepts contributions to its website and wiki under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License attributed to No fees are required to participate.

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