Implementing the Presenter architectural pattern alongside MVC (using Sinatra)
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MVCP (Model View Controller Presenter)

This is a Sinatra based application running an MVCP architecture


First install the dependencies: gem install bundler && bundle

Then from there whenever you want to run the Sinatra app: bundle exec shotgun

Application Architecture

Within the we load a helper module and the main Application Controller.

Routing is handled within using the Rack map method and that loads the relevant Controller.

All other Controllers inherit from the Application Controller.

We get data from our Models and because we have lots of components (all of which potentially have lots of data that would normally be set-up by the Controller) we will use the Presenter pattern to get the data from the Models instead and then have a presenter handle the preparation of view data.

Directory Structure

  • app
    • controllers
    • helpers
    • models
    • presenters
    • views
      • components
  • public
    • scripts
    • styles