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Getting Started

  • Clone the repository and cd into the root directory of it.
  • Set the environment variable FLEX_HOME on your system, e.g.
export FLEX_HOME=/Applications/flex_sdk_4.6

in your /etc/.profile or ~/.profile on Mac OS X, or Unix-like systems. My Computer > Advanced System Properties > Environment variables on Windows systems.

  • You need Apache ANT to go forward. If you don't have it, you can install it from the official website

Build the SWC Library and the Beacons

  • Run this from the root directory of OpenVV. It will create new files bin/openvv.swc and bin/OVVBeacon.swf:
  • Incorporate the SWC bin/openvv.swc into your project
  • Move the newly created bin/Beacon.swf to a publicly accessible web location.
Alternatively if you are on Mac OS X or another Unix-like platform that supports bash, you can run

Which has the added benefit of including the current git commit id in a trace statement so your build of OpenVV will report its version at runtime. This is useful for "production" builds on a CI system.

You can also build the components independently:
  • Build the SWC Library:
ant compile-lib
  • Build the Beacons
ant compile-beacon

Initialize OpenVV

  • Instantiate OVVAsset and pass the URL of your Beacon in:
var asset:OVVAsset = new OVVAsset('http://localhost/OVVBeacon.swf');
  • Get viewability data at any time by calling OVVAsset.checkViewability().
var check:OVVCheck = asset.checkViewability();
  • Query the properties of the OVVCheck object to report on your player's viewability.

The properties are:

  • viewabilityState: string Indicates whether or not the asset is viewable. Possible values are "viewable", "unviewable", "unmeasurable"
  • clientHeight: int Current height of the client
  • clientWidth: int Current width of the client
  • focus: boolean Whether or not the tab and browser are in focus
  • objBottom: int Y position of the bottom edge of the embed object
  • objLeft: int X position of the left edge of the embed object
  • objRight: int X position of the right edge of the embed object
  • objTop: intY position of the top edge of the embed object
  • percentViewable:int The percentage of the embed object's area that is calculated to be in view

3rd party integration

Allows 3rd parties to easily provide video viewability measurement by exposing the VPAID data as well as the viewability data via a JavaScript API. The release extends the functionality of for it to be used as the base class for integrating openvv into SWF Ads.


A working demo based on the openvv demo is available here:


The addition to includes an initEventsWiring and addJavaScriptResourceOnEvent methods to be use for third parties integrations as follow:

  1. Instantiate an OVVAsset object and pass it a unique identifier.
  2. Registers as an event listener to VPAID events fired by the creative using initEventsWiring function passing the EventDispatcher that Fires IVPAID events.
  3. Call addJavaScriptResourceOnEvent function with the VPAID event name upon the JavaScript tag should be rendered and the JavaScript tag url.

Code snippet:

public function initAd(width:Number, height:Number, viewMode:String, desiredBitrate:Number, creativeData:String, environmentVars:String):void 
  _viewabilityAsset = new OVVAsset('', guid);  		
  // call initEventWiring with this to register asset as listener to VPAID events
  // Load 3rd party tags. Use **adID** to pass the asset ID
  var tagSrc:String = "" + guid;			
  _viewabilityAsset.addJavaScriptResourceOnEvent(VPAIDEvent.AdImpression, tagSrc);


  1. Subscribe to events on $ovv to receive viewability/VPAID data.

Code snippet:

$ovv.subscribe('AdImpression', playerID, function(event, id, args) {

###Understanding the data The javascript event will receive the args {"vpaidData":vpaidData, "ovvData":ovvData} ####vpaidData: The vpaid event data if passed from the vpaid event otherwise null. ####ovvData:

   "beacons": "When OVV is run in an iframe and the beacon technique is used, this array is populated with the states of each beacon, identified by their index. True means the beacon was viewable and false means the beacon was unviewable. Beacon 0 is the "control beacon" and should always be false",
   "id": "The Asset id",
   "beaconsSupported": "Whether beacon checking is supported. Beacon support is defined by placing a "control beacon" SWF off screen, and verifying that it is throttled as expected",
   "percentViewable": "The percentage of the player that is viewable within the viewport",
   "objLeft": "The distance, in pixels, from the left of the asset to the left of the viewport",
   "objRight": "The distance, in pixels, from the right of the asset to the right of the viewport",
   "objTop": "The distance, in pixels, from the top of the asset to the top of the viewport",
   "objBottom":"The distance, in pixels, from the bottom of the asset to the bottom of the viewport",
   "clientWidth": "The width of the viewport",
   "clientHeight": "The height of the viewport",   
   "technique": "The technique used to populate OVVCheck.viewabilityState. Will be either OVV.GEOMETRY when OVV is run in the root page, or OVV.BEACON when OVV is run in an iframe. When in debug mode, will always remain blank",
   "beaconViewabilityState": "The viewability state measured by the geometry technique. Only populated when OVV.DEBUG is true",   
   "geometryViewabilityState": "The viewability state measured by the geometry technique. Only populated when OVV.DEBUG is true",
   "viewabilityState": "Set to OVVCheck.VIEWABLE when the player was at least 50% viewable. Set to OVVCheck when the player was less than 50% viewable. Set to OVVCheck.UNMEASURABLE when a determination could not be made",   
   "geometrySupported": "Whether geometry checking is supported. Geometry support requires that the asset is not within an iframe",
   "fps": "The framerate of the asset (populated by ActionScript)",   
   "inIframe": "Whether this asset is in an iframe",   
   "error": "A description of any error that occured",
   "viewabilityStateOverrideReason": "When the viewabilityState is changed by ActionScript detecting that the asset is in fullscreen, this will be set to FULLSCREEN",
   "displayState": "A value from the StageDisplayState class that specifies which display state to use",
   "focus": "Whether the tab is focused or not"