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This release brings the following improvements. Please update immediately!

  • Finally, the block reward will be increased on block 50400 to 50 IoP/block, with standard bitcoin-like halving. The final supply will then be 20.6 million tokens, a little less than initially planned.

  • All slowdown introduced by the Contribution Contracts has been alleviated. Everything should be lightning fast from now on. All Miners can run profitable again.

For Users:
To install the Ubuntu packages, download the relevant .deb package and run dpkg -i iop-blockchain_5.0.0-ubuntu1404_amd64.deb or dpkg -i iop-blockchain_5.0.0-ubuntu1604_amd64.deb. On windows, just run the installer. If you are on MacOS, download the .dmg and drag the included file into your Applications folder.

For Miners:
If you want to run multiple miner daemons on Windows or MacOS, download the .tar.gz files for you architecture and extract to a location of your choice.