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License: Zlib Discord

Delver Engine Open Source

Delver engine and editor source code release

This source release does not contain or cover the game data from Delver, the game data remains subject to the original copyright and applicable law.


To compile on your own ensure you have installed JDK8 or higher. Open a terminal to the repo root and run the following commands:


Running: gradlew DungeoneerDesktop:run
Building: gradlew DungeoneerDesktop:dist


Running: gradlew DelvEdit:run
Building: gradlew DelvEdit:dist


This source code release is licensed under the zlib Open Source license. See LICENSE.txt for more information.


Delver is a Java project most easily built via Gradle. Import the Gradle project into your IDE of choice.

This is built on the LibGDX game framework, more information on LibGDX is available at

For discussion and help, check out the Official Delver Community Discord

Main Applications

Run configurations for IntelliJ have been included, for manual setup use the following:

Game: DungeoneerDesktop/src/com/interrupt/dungeoneer/

Editor: DelvEdit/src/com/interrupt/dungeoneer/

Working directory: Dungeoneer

Resources directory: Dungeoneer/assets