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PHP Image Manipulation
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Intervention Image

Intervention Image is a PHP image handling and manipulation library providing an easier and expressive way to create, edit, and compose images. The package includes ServiceProviders and Facades for easy Laravel integration.

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  • PHP >=5.4
  • Fileinfo Extension

Supported Image Libraries

  • GD Library (>=2.0)
  • Imagick PHP extension (>=6.5.7)

Getting started

Code Examples

// open an image file
$img = Image::make('public/foo.jpg');

// resize image instance
$img->resize(320, 240);

// insert a watermark

// save image in desired format

Refer to the official documentation to learn more about Intervention Image.


Contributions to the Intervention Image library are welcome. Please note the following guidelines before submitting your pull request.

  • Follow PSR-2 coding standards.
  • Write tests for new functions and added features
  • API calls should work consistently with both GD and Imagick drivers


Intervention Image is licensed under the MIT License.

Copyright 2017 Oliver Vogel

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