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This is a third party implementation of Slack's API written in C#. This supports their WebAPI as well as their Real Time Messaging API.


Some examples can be found on the Wiki:

Issues and Bugs

Please log an issue if you find any bugs or think something isn't correct.

Getting in touch

I have a Slack setup for personal projects with a few friends, this includes this Github and a few others as public channels. If you want access, shoot me a quick email

Committer access

Want committer access? Feel like I'm too lazy to keep up with Slack's ever changing API? Want a bug fixed but don't want to log an issue for it?

Create some pull requests, give me a reason to give you access.

How to build the solution

(aka where is the config.json file?)

The project SlackAPI.Tests requires a valid config.json file for tests. You have two options to build the solution:

  • Unload SlackAPI.Tests project and you're able to build SlackAPI solution.
  • Create your own config.json file to be able to run tests and validate your changes.
    • Copy/paste config.default.json to config.json
    • Update config.json file with your settings
      • userAuthToken : Visit to generate a token for your user
      • botAuthToken : Visit to create a bot for your Slack team and retrieve associated token
      • testChannel : A channel ID (user associated to userAuthToken must be member of the channel)
      • directMessageUser : A Slack member username
      • clientId/clientSecret/authCode : Not used

NuGet package

SlackAPI NuGet package is build with following platforms support:

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • .NET Standard 1.3 (UWP support).
    • The version cannot detect SlackSocketRouting attributes in loaded assemblies (used to extend SlackAPI to handle custom messages).
  • .NET Standard 1.6
  • .NET Standard 2.0

(.NET implementation compatibility table)