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IoSR Matlab Toolbox

A general purpose Matlab toolbox containing functions and classes for: auditory modelling, signal processing, sound source separation, statistics, plotting, etc. See Contents.m for a full list of functions/classes.


Basic installation only requires you to add the install directory to the Matlab search path.

If you wish to perform certain audio / signal processing tasks (especially spatialisation), please navigate to the install directory and type


This will automatically download the toolbox's dependencies for these tasks, and add the necessary paths to your search path.


Use these functions as:


(Ignoring the '+' in the folder name.) Alternatively, use the import directive to add one or more namespaces, e.g.:

import iosr.auditory
import iosr.*

If using import, note that some function names may conflict with built-in Matlab function names (e.g. quantile). One method of resolving the conflict and shortening the function call is to create a handle to any functions with conflicting names, e.g.

qntl = @iosr.statistics.quantile;


help iosr

for more information.