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Welcome to open source oneM2M-Application-AndroidSample project.


  • oneM2M-Application-AndroidSample project is a oneM2M Service Application for Android.

  • The project aims to develop and distribute an open source oneM2M Service Application project and associated developer guide.

  • It is working base on oneM2M HTTP RESTful API and MQTT Message.

  • This queries the co2 sensor value and controls the led actuator.

  • The oneM2M-Application-AndroidSample is developed based on open source Android Studio for oneM2M service application.


  • We prepare and upload oneM2M-Application-AndroidSample tutorial video into webinar series

Wiki Page

Visit wiki homepage for more guide information and here is a quick link for oneM2M-Application-AndroidSample User Guide!!

Latest News

[2018 May]

  • oneM2M-Application-AndroidSample version 2.5 !!