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PCDN is an Peer to peer CDN for video, it's Hybrid CDN/P2P Architecture. HTTP Live Streaming, WebRTC, videojs and peerjs, HLS and Video for broadcasts
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PCDN is an Peer to peer/P2P CDN for video based on an hybride solution

It's work with Peerjs , Videojs and WebRTC.

It's a prof of concept so don't focus on the code quality.

I hope you found it interresting and feel free to contact me

An example here


  • Videojs video player
  • Compatible Browsers
  • HLS video


Copy past on your video page this code

<script src="/js/apiCDNP2P.js"></script>
    apiCDNP2P({host:"",port:"9000",key: 'peerjs',debug:3});


  • host: host of the server
  • port: port of the peerjs server
  • key: api key of my peerjs server
  • debug: Level of debug 0-3 see peerjs configuration
  • more: Peerjs API configuration


PCDN server

My PCDN server is free to use. feel free to make your test on it. For production mode, my advice is to do it by yourself. Or use existing solution like Streemroot or Peer5 .... good article here

host: port:9000 key:peerjs

Your own PCDN server

$ cd server/peerjs-server
$ npm install
$ cd bin
$ node peerjs --help


Twitter : @adelskott


  • Landing page for inactive users
  • Expose client API
  • Refactor code
  • Limit the client share to 5
  • Replace Peejs to use a proper server with faye
  • Use a redis or Elasticsearch instead of memory storage
  • Create a server dashboard for stats
  • Automatic reconnection server
  • Too many failure bybass P2P
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