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A sample configuration for the Kamailio SIP Proxy with the additions for CCM
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Proposed update of Kamailio.cfg. Thank you so much for the contribution Olle. This is a great clarification (and addition) of the configuration!
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IRIS Connect - the SIP server configuration

This is a Kamailio example configuration for running with the IRIS CCM. The file is based on the default Kamailio configuration file.

The notable changes are the way we handle data about registrations and dialogs (codec sessions) and send to the CCM server using HTTPS.

This configuration is based on a database with kamailio accounts. The Kamailio subscribe table is used, but you can change to the CCM sipaccount table.

This configuration is verified with Kamailio versions 5.1 and 5.2.

For more information about Kamailio, please visit

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