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Ironclad’s purpose is to allow IronPython to transparently import and use compiled CPython extensions.

The original project is no longer active. The last known version works with Python 2.6. The idea here is to make it work with current version of IronPython (3.4.x) and the corresponding version of CPython (3.4.4).

At the moment it does compile using up to date components and passes most of internal tests. Most of the remaining work is tracked under Issues.

Ran 423 tests in 46.953s

FAILED (errors=7, skipped=2)
scons: done building targets.

numpy is still failing on import.


Building using Docker

This repo contains a Dockerfile that sets up a dockerized build environment (requires Windows; Docker has to be set to use Windows containers).

Using PowerShell:

docker build -t ironclad-build:v3.4 -m 2GB .
docker run -it -v ${pwd}:C:\ironclad ironclad-build:v3.4

In the container shell:

cd C:\ironclad

To run all tests:

scons test

Run scons -h for info on all supported build parameters, options, and where the artifacts for the current build(s) are placed. Build parameters on the command line are placed without leading dashes and with an equal sign, e.g. scons framework=all.

Other build instructions

Detailed building instructions covering how to build for different configurations, frameworks, without Docker, other Ironclad versions, etc. can be found on the building wiki page.


Hold on.


Anybody who would like to help is welcome!

See doc/details.txt