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IronRuby - A .NET Implementation of the Ruby language
Daniele Alessandri, Shri Borde, Peter Bacon Darwin, Jim Deville,
Curt Hagenlocher, John Lam, Haibo Luo, Tomas Matousek, John Messerly,
Jirapong Nanta, Srivatsn Narayanan, Jimmy Schementi, Oleg Tkachenko,
Dino Viehland, and everyone else from the community who reports bugs,
builds libraries, and helps enrich IronRuby.
Project Contacts:
Jimmy Schementi <>
Miguel de Icaza <>
Tomas Matousek <>
== About
IronRuby is a Open Source implementation of the Ruby programming language
( for .NET, heavily relying on the
Dynamic Language Runtime (
The project's #1 goal is to be a true Ruby implementation, meaning it runs
existing Ruby code. See for information about
using the Ruby standard library and 3rd party libraries in IronRuby.
IronRuby has tightly integration with .NET, so any .NET types can be used from
IronRuby, and the IronRuby runtime can be embedded into any .NET application.
See for more information.
== Running
bin/ir.exe rubyfile.rb
Will run rubyfile.rb with the IronRuby compiler.
== Package
/bin IronRuby binaries, ir.exe, iirb, irake, igem, iri, irdoc, etc.
/lib Ruby standard library, including RubyGems
CHANGELOG.txt Changes for each release
RELEASE.txt Release notes
LICENSE.Ruby.txt Ruby license
LICENSE.CPL.txt Common Public License
LICENSE.APACHE.html Apache License, Version 2.0
README.txt This file
== License
Read the License.* files
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