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This repository

Provides a graphical user interface to edit XACML policies for objects in a repository or collection.


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It may be desirable--and in fact necessary for some modules--to disable/remove one of the default XACML policies which denies any interactions with the POLICY datastream to users without the "administrator" role.

This policy is located here: $FEDORA_HOME/data/fedora-xacml-policies/repository-policies/default/deny-policy-management-if-not-administrator.xml


In order to comply with XACML restrictions placed on objects, a hook is used to filter results that do not conform to a searching user's roles and name. This hook will not function correctly if the Solr fields for 'ViewableByUser' and 'ViewableByRole' are not defined correctly as they are set in the XSLT. These values can be set through the admin page for the module.


The XACML editor hooks into ingesting through the interface. When a child is added through the interface, the parent's POLICY will be applied if one exists.

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