Path Editor Depth Ordering #232

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RobertBColton commented Nov 26, 2015

This has always been an issue for every release with the path editor. The depth ordering is set in a way that when adding new path points the old segments will random overlap each other again in an unpredictable manner. The graphical anomalies are slightly noticeable when editing a path but otherwise do not affect the usability of the editor.

GM8.1 renders path segments in a way that the depth order can not be determined and does not suffer from this problem. This is not entirely true, it is still slightly noticeable, but it looks similar to the way LGM draws smooth path segments because of how thin the line edges/stroke are.
GM8.1 Path Intersection

LGM does not have this problem with a smooth path because of how it renders them differently.
LGM Smooth Path Segments

The issue does occur with non smooth paths in LGM. One would logically assume that the depth should be constant from the first to last path point added, in the order they appear in the list. But because we fix the segments at a specific depth and do not assign the correct depth, each time they are rendered, this overlapping will change unpredictably.
LGM Random Path Segment Depth

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