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A gradle plugin for launching NUnit tests
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A gradle plugin for launching NUnit tests

It is compatible with the new plugin mechanism and can be used with:

plugins {
  id 'com.ullink.nunit' version '1.12'

Or, when using Gradle lower than 2.1:

buildscript {
    repositories {

    dependencies {
        classpath "com.ullink.gradle:gradle-nunit-plugin:1.12"

It creates a task 'nunit' that may be configured as follows:

nunit {
    // optional - defaults to '3.10.0', but plugin is compatible with v3+ as well
    // for compatibility reason, nunitVersion should be set (if needed) before applying version specific parameters
    // optional - defaults to ''
    // optional - defaults to NUNIT_HOME env variable if set or to a downloaded version of NUnit fitting the
    // specified nunitVersion
    // mandatory - the assemblies containing the tests to be run
    // optional - the output location of the nunit test report, defaults to 'build\nunit\reports'
    reportFolder = file('some/where/')
    // optional - the file name of the nunit test report, defaults to 'TestResult.xml'
    reportFileName = 'foo.xml'
    // optional - if set, specifies the /trace argument of nunit-console
    // optional - defaults to FALSE and determines whether tests should run in x86 mode
    // optional - defaults to FALSE and termines the behavior of the task if the nunit-console.exe program exits
    // abnormally
    ignoreFailures = false
    // optional - specify whether to write test case names to the output
    labels = 'Off|On|All'
    // Mapped NUnit-Console Command Line Options
    exclude = 'Database'
    include = 'BaseLine'
    // for NUnit v3+, use _where_ option instead of include/exclude
    framework = 'net-1.1'
    shadowCopy = true
    // redirect output to file
    logFile = 'TestOutput.log'

    // for NUnit v3+
    resultFormat = 'nunit2'

    // environment variables map (already defined)
    env = [:]

    // optional - if set, can overwrite the default command arguments in order to allow running of external tools like dotMemoryUnit
    nunitCommandModifier = { nunitBin, args -> [nunitBin, *args] }


All these plugins are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 with no warranty (expressed or implied) for any purpose.

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