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Imaging sonar simulation

This repository contains the Rock build system for imaging sonar simulation as presented in the paper:

A novel GPU-based sonar simulator for real-time applications
R. Cerqueira, T. Trocoli, G. Neves, S. Joyeux, J. Albiez and L. Oliveira
Elsevier Computers & Graphics Journal
Special Section on SIBGRAPI 2017

How to install

The following steps are performed using Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits and Ruby 2.3.1.

$ sudo apt-get install ruby ruby-dev
$ mkdir sonar_simulation
$ cd sonar_simulation
$ wget
$ sh


The imaging sonar simulation is split in four main packages, as follows:

  • simulation/uwmodels: contains the underwater scenario models;
  • simulation/normal_depth_map: samples each OSG frame and computes the sonar rendering parameters during rasterization pipeline on GPU: sonar field-of-view, echo intensity and pulse distance;
  • simulation/gpu_sonar_simulation: decodes the sonar rendering parameters into simulated sonar data;
  • simulation/orogen/imaging_sonar_simulation: simulates the operation of two kind of sonar devices: Mechanical scanning imaging sonar (MSIS) and Forward-looking sonar (FLS); controls the virtual sonar device in the underwater scene; handles sonar properties; and provides I/O ports to interact with other Rock components.

How to run

$ cd sonar_simulation/orogen/imaging_sonar_simulation/scripts

To simulate the FLS device operation:

$ ruby sonar_multibeam-run.rb

To simulate the MSIS device operation:

$ ruby sonar_scanning-run.rb


Please cite our paper if you find this code useful for your research:

    title = "A novel GPU-based sonar simulator for real-time applications",
    journal = "Computers & Graphics",
    volume = "68",
    number = "Supplement C",
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    author = "Rômulo Cerqueira and Tiago Trocoli and Gustavo Neves and Sylvain Joyeux and Jan Albiez and Luciano Oliveira"