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Old Slack Emojis

Bring back old emojis to new Slack!

What is this?

In February 2018, Slack pushed a change making Google emojis used on all platforms except macOS, instead of the older Apple emojis.

On macOS, emojis have been instead switched to the newer iOS 10.2 style, instead of the original iOS 6 style.

Before change

After change

This patch reverses this change, and brings back the loveable classic Apple emojis to new Slack clients.


Installation varies depending on if you're using the Slack webapp or desktop client. A patch for mobile app versions of Slack is not within the scope of this project.

Browser client

For browser clients, install an extension like Stylish (Firefox, Chrome), and install this style.

Desktop client

Linux and Mac

Quick & dirty:

curl -sSL | sudo bash

Alternatively, you can download and run the installation script from this repository.


Download and run the installation script from this repository.

The script won't work with the Windows Store version of the Slack app. The Windows Store version is write-protected and can't be injected by this script. The version downloaded from Slack's website should, however, work.


To uninstall, run the appropriate script with -u as a flag.

Updating Slack

old-slack-emojis injects some code into the Slack client, which may be overwritten when Slack updates. If you start seeing the new emojis, rerunning the installation script should fix things.

"Cannot find Slack installation"

If you've installed Slack in some exotic place, the script might not find the installation by itself or it might find the wrong installation. In such cases, you need to specify the location of Slack's app.asar.unpacked/src/static folder as a parameter:

sudo bash /My_Apps/
old-slack-emojis.bat E:\My_Apps\slack\app-2.5.1\resources\app.asar.unpacked\src\static


old-slack-emojis uses the same injection mechanism as math-with-slack, without which a lot more time would have gone into figuring out how to get the old spritesheet injected. Thanks!


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