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Releases: J-D-K/JKSV


23 Feb 22:28
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This release contains a fix for the system font issues caused by the recent Switch update thanks to @SciresM.

It also forces me to post a release containing my in progress Google Drive code. Please note that while it works, I never had time to add and complete automatic upload/patching code. Uploading needs to be manually done for now. I promise I'll be back someday to finish it. You can read the instructions to set it up here.

There may be other changes I made in the past two years. If there are issues, report them and I'll do my best to figure them out when I can.



01 Sep 19:22
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  • Adds Traditional Chinese support back thanks to @qazrfv1234
  • Fixes output paths/title definitions not being read after initial import of old configurations
  • Separates trash bin into sub folders so trashed backups aren't impossible to find.

08.31.2021 - UI Revamp + Partial Rewrite

31 Aug 23:15
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UI has been reworked heavily:

User Changes

  • All users on the system are now loaded regardless of whether they have save data or not.
  • Pressing X while user select is active will open the user options menu. The highlighted user is the target.
    • Dump All For X dumps all saves for that user
    • Create Save data opens a sub menu and creates save data for the target user.
      • Cache saves need an index number and to be expanded before import. I'll be working on automatically doing this later.
    • Create All Save Data creates all save for every title found on the system
    • Delete All User Saves Deletes all save data for the target user

Title Select Changes

  • All titles should be loaded now. Even ones that haven't been run yet.
  • Some options and features have been moved to a sub menu:
    • Information is the same information that was previously displayed when selecting a folder.
    • Blacklist adds the highlighted title to your blacklist
    • Change Output Folder changes the folder save data for the targeted writes too. This is the same as using title definitions is previous versions. The folder is renamed for you.
    • Open in file mode is the same as using file mode in previous versions. Minus exits file mode for now.
    • Delete All Save Backups will clear all backups for the target game.
    • Reset Save Data will reset you save as if the game was never run before.
    • Delete Save Data will delete the save data just as in Data Management
    • Extend Save Data will increase the storage size of the target game.

Folder Select Changes

  • Folder selection is no longer a separate screen, instead just a slide out menu.

Settings changes

  • Empty Trash Bin empties the trash folder. Trash Bin feature can be enabled and disabled further down this menu.
  • Check for Updates checks for the extremely rare JKSV update.
  • Set JKSV Save Output Folder sets the folder JKSV writes saves to.
  • Edit Blacklisted Titles allows you to finally remove titles from your blacklist without editing text files.
  • Delete All Save Backups clears all save backups for all games. Basically a reset without losing configuration or folders.
  • Animation Scale changes how fast the new UI animates. 1 is instant, 8 is extremely slow.
  • Other settings remain the same. Legacy config and files should be loaded and removed by JKSV without any intervention needed from the user.

Under the hood stuff

  • Even if Export to ZIP is disabled, adding .zip to the end of a file name will force compression to be used. .zip has been added to the dictionary suggestions. For people who only want to use it for certain titles.
  • A trash bin folder has been added. If trash is enabled, deleted backups will be sent to the _TRASH_ folder instead of being permanently deleted. This is likely to change in the future to separate different titles.
  • Various functions are threaded now to allow the UI to update the screen.
  • JKSV will no longer export or import empty zips, folders, or saves. This fixes a crash when trying to import empty zip files, doesn't allow saves to be accidentally wiped anymore, and cuts down heavily on empty mass backup files and folders.
  • Headers for zip files have been fixed.
  • Log file is no longer kept open allowing FTP to access JKSV's work directory while it's still running.
  • Backup JKSV Folder in extras now trims the paths in the ZIP and ignores anything that isn't a save folder.
  • Dictionary suggestions and predictions have been fixed thanks to @zand who caught a buffer overflow issue I missed.
  • Journal space is used when deciding when to commit save data.

Notes and future plans/improvements

  • Actual icons instead of generated ones for system users
  • Possibly cloud backup
  • Master lists of title definitions to replace title ID folders which will be downloaded and customized for the user.
  • This release is nro and English only. I need to find where I put the stuff to build the nsp and old translations are completely incompatible with this release.

As usual, report issues on git. Updates will be issued for major bugs and translations. There may be other changes I missed and the readme will be updated soon.


02 Aug 02:29
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This release has:

  • New Japanese translation provided by @yyoossk
  • New Brazilian Portuguese translation provided by @ortega1cba
  • Fixes line breaking issues when Traditional Chinese is used.
  • Has an option to override the system language so English is used regardless.
  • Uses an earlier version of the SDL2 graphics file and font glyph cache written for the new UI

Known Issues:

  • The Brazilian Portuguese translation has strings that are longer than the settings menu should hold, but this doesn't cause any serious issues.

This will be the final release using the old master branch code. So, it will also the last to have the text UI toggle.

Emergency New Snap fix release

17 May 19:54
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The main reason for this update is to fix issues restoring New Pokemon Snap saves. Any new issues caused by the updated code to handle this can be reported. Other things since last time:

  • Updated Traditional and Simplified Chinese translation files.
  • New sort options: Games can be sorted alphabetically, by play time, or by last played.
  • Paths to directories and files can be filtered from being backed up and deleted on restoring saves.
    • Create a file named pathFilters.txt in the folder of the game you wish to filter files from. Add a file or folder for each line. For example, sv:/file.ext or sv:/directory for folders.
  • Various other tweaks.

Any issues should be reported. I'll be working on expanding the New Snap container for expanded snap saves and keeping an eye out for issues I'm not aware of.

06.07.2020 - JK has to go back to work edition

08 Jun 00:47
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  • Traditional and Simplified Chinese translations are included thanks to Leo and JamePeng
    • Any English strings leftover are my entirely my fault, but most of the UI is translated thanks to these two.
  • Output folders used by games can be set by the user by creating a text file named titleDefs.txt and adding lines such as 01006C300E9F0000 = "Dragon Quest XI S". This is to help with folders that default to title ID because of unicode characters.
  • Data loading has been reworked.
    • All save data types should be supported now. The last three (System BCAT, Cache, and Temporary Storage) will only show if any data is found for them.
    • Blacklisted and unmountable titles are skipped sooner in loading, preventing JKSV from loading or creating icons for them.
    • Fixed a memory leak where user icons weren't freed if titles were reloaded.
  • JKSV now has the option to backup and restore to and from ZIP archives.
  • JKSV can now write its own working directory to a ZIP archive that can be easily backed up and stored somewhere. (This is in the extra's menu).
  • NSP build is back for people who want it.

Bug and issue reports are appreciated as always. I might not be as available as I have been over the past two months, but I usually check in at least once a day.


20 May 21:03
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05.20.2020 Pre-release
  • Hold time for confirmation is shortened. Options are added to completely disable it depending on what you want.
  • Minus and ZR are swapped for Options and Extras on the user selection screen
  • Exploring the romfs of the title taken over by the homebrew menu is back in the extras menu.
  • Save Data can be erased from your system in the title selection screen like in the switch's settings menu. Holding A is required to confirm this.
  • A custom path for JKSV can be used by creating a file named jksv_dir.txt in your switch folder and typing the path you want to use. This must end with a /. For example, sdmc:/switch/.JKSV/ will make JKSV use a folder in the switch folder that is hidden from the hbmenu.
  • Dump All can now be exited early by holding B until the current file is finished.
  • The User selection screen has been changed to only show the maximum number of users instead of the title select's max of 32.
  • Certain strings can be translated with en-US.txt in JKSV's romfs. Naming this file trans.txt and placing it in JKSV's working directory will make JKSV load it instead of the default US text by myself. This is not 100% complete yet. Please wait if you're interested in making a translation to be included with JKSV in the future.
  • Various new options.
  • Touch controls have been removed. Sorry.

Still pre-release, because I didn't get as far as I'd wish cleaning things up. Report issues if you find any.


12 Apr 02:28
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04.10.2020 Pre-release

I wasn't planning this, but I've seen way too many people overwrite their ACNH saves with BCAT data and losing their progress.

  • Added Options Menu to User Select
    • Option one adds Device Saves to accounts when on. This is disabled by default.
    • Option two automatically creates a backup before restoring any save. These are automatically named starting with AUTO. This is enabled by default.
    • Option three is a small CPU overclock. This is to keep the text based UI mode running a bit smoother for people. This is disabled by default.
  • Deleting and Restoring saves now requires the user to hold A to 100% confirm they are sure they want to continue
  • Users can now be changed in the title selection menu by pressing L or R.
  • Titles can now be favorited and pushed to the top of the title selection by pressing minus.
  • stdio is now used instead of C++ fstream and cuts down size about 200KB.
  • Various changes and fixes.

This is a prerelease. Parts of the UI's touch controls are not working correctly at the moment. I just don't want people accidentally losing their progress if I can help it.


21 Mar 23:00
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Quick update:

  • Dev. Sv has been renamed Device and is moved higher up in the user select

Just a quick update for convenience since I'm going to be ripping apart Freebird's GUI and adapting it to JKSV as much as possible. I don't know how long this might take.

Take it easy, everyone.


06 Jan 22:08
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Sort of emergency release because of HID changes. Bug reports are appreciated. Changes since last year:

  • Everything is enabled. You no longer need to hold a combo to enable:
    • System Saves
    • BCAT
    • Device Saves
  • Generic icons are generated for things without icons instead of using a big '?'.
  • Updated for latest libnx
    • ROMFS opening code has been removed until I have more time to remake it.
  • Hopefully text mode loading is fixed

Updated - Applet account loading fix