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  1. A collection of useful PHP functions, mini classes and snippets that you need and can use every day.

    PHP 746 79

  2. Extended implementation of ArrayObject - useful collection for any config in your system (write, read, store, change, validate, convert to other format and etc).

    PHP 77 7

  3. The EventEmitter is a simple pattern that allows you to create an object that emits events, and allow you to listen to those events.

    PHP 23

  4. Forked from claviska/SimpleImage

    Package provides object-oriented way to manipulate with images as simple as possible

    PHP 166 11

  5. Dependency graph visualization for composer.json (PHP + Composer) based on mermaid-js

    PHP 32 2

  6. See what packages have changed after `composer update`

    PHP 28 1


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