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This is and example of running Object Detecion using Yolo Tity Model on Samsung Galaxy S7 on Android 7. Librariy can be found within the project itself.

Usage: Download the model and put the model into phone's memory, change the model path in and run it using Android Studio.

Models: Yolo-Tiny:!Ot5klLRR!cpaWkkLFJY_T-A0B7LxUI8XCxyCCqS2jQU-bix1X9Kc

Yolo-Large: Uploading soon


VGG-16: Uploading soon


From DeepSense:!H5YFlTaL!5pprqfryf1KIlTt2ll9W9Wf0yrnLyNJdSJdY22iTDlk

From Matconvnet:!Lh5iWR7L!p6GuTlM7E8c83N4OViIj-vLF2nlCSEmq33RjMkADqp4

More is coming soon.