OpenProdoc Document management System with Portable and J2EE versions
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=== OpenProdoc is an ECM Document Management system with the characteristics: ===

  • Has a complete portable version (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • Multi-platform (Java)
  • Multi-database (Derby, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, SQLLite, HSQLDB)
  • Low requirements for the engine (can work with or without a J2EE server)
  • Several ways for Authentication (Ldap, DDBB, OS, Own system)
  • Different ways to store documents (FileSystem, BLOB,ftp, Reference, Amazon AWS S3)
  • Object oriented definitions for documents and folders (including inheritance)
  • Fine granularity of administration and permissions, allowing delegation of different functions.
  • Multi-language (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan)
  • Thin (Web) and Thick (Swing) Clients
  • Free and OpenSource
  • Thesaurus Support
    • Complete Thesaurus management.
    • Skos-rdf standard support for import-export.
    • Multiple thesaurus.
    • Validation of selected metadata against thesaurus.
  • Modification of definitions already in use.
  • Import of document scanned and classified in Kofax Capture or Abbyy Flexicapture
  • Task Support
    • Scheduled of event triggered.
    • Delete and purge of old documents/cases
    • News and purge Reports
    • Scheduled Import/Export
    • Automatic update and conversion
  • Extended Architecture for easier administration and more security.