The perfect PHP FUT 17 API
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The perfect PHP FUT API

This is a perfect FUT AP...
No wait, let's first answer a question.

Are you an EA employee?
Y: This is nothing, just leave...
N: Great! Welcome to the perfect PHP FUT API 😏

How to install?

Install this project using Composer; composer require jketelaar/php-fut-api.

Then start using the API using something like:


define('DATA_DIR', __DIR__ . '/data/');

$api = new \JKetelaar\fut\api\API('', 'password', 'secret', 'totp_callback', 'platform');

// You can also disable the SSL verify peer, when you're having issues with your environment. Simply pass true as the latest parameter
// $api = new \JKetelaar\fut\api\API('', 'password', 'secret', 'totp_callback', 'platform', true); 

if($api->login() === true) {
    echo('We\'re logged in!' . "\n");

    $handler = $api->getHandler();
    foreach($handler->getTradepile() as $trade) {
        // Interact with $trade here

function totp_callback() {
    $totp = new \OTPHP\TOTP('FIFA', 'SECRET');

    return $totp->now();


How do the enum(eration)s work?

As you might have seen, we're using an implemententation of php-enum, so we could provide enumerations within classes and type hinting.
An example of this is the class ChemistryStyle.

With a few constants, you can access the variables, but also use them for type hinting.
Let's say you have:

class ChemistryStyle extends Enum  {
    const BASIC = 250;
    const SNIPER = 251;

Now we can get the values of the constants, by doing: ChemistryStyle::BASIC.

But in a more advanced level, we can also use these for type hinting, using parenthesises.
Say we have the function:

function findByChemistryStyle(ChemistryStyle $style){
    echo('Searching for players with style ID' . $style);

As you can see, we have a parameter, which only allows ChemistryStyle.
We can call this function using the constant and adding an opening-and-closing parenthesis: