A rogue-USB-device defeat program for Windows.
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Beamgun Infographic

Installing Beamgun

Beamgun v0.2.4 is available as an MSI installer and as a portable .exe. We recommend you use the MSI installer so that Beamgun restarts on reboot.

Building from source

Simply clone the repository:

git clone git@github.com:JLospinoso/beamgun.git

Open Beamgun.sln and build. The installer can be found in the bin directory of the BeamgunInstaller project.

Read more

Check out these two blog posts for more information:

Beamgun's homepage is jlospinoso.github.io/beamgun/.


Beamgun will run with low-user and elevated privileges (i.e. as administrator), but it will ask for the highest privileges that the logged in user has. When running without administrator privileges, you will be unable to (a) disable network adapters, and (b) disable USB mass storage. This is a feature of Windows security, not a design choice! Thanks to @AlexIljin for pointing this out.

If a network adapter has already been installed on your computer, Beamgun will not alert on its insertion. This has to do with the way Beamgun registers with Windows Management Instrumentation for alerts; it only subscribes to notifications of new Win32_NetworkAdapters. When an already-installed network adapter is inserted, it generates a Win32_PnPEntity instance (which Beamgun doesn't currently subscribe to). The upshot of this is, when testing Beamgun, you'll need to uninstall the network adapter you are testing in between tests. From a user perspective, this should be expected behavior; if I've already permitted a particular network adapter once, it's probably not a rogue adapter!

Version history

2172 downloads (as of 3/3/2018)



Please report any bugs you find (both feature- and security-related!) right here on Github.