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Access to NBN data from R

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To install the development version of rnbn, it's easiest to use the devtools package:

# install.packages("devtools")
# NOTE: If you have not installed devtools before you will need to restart you R
# session before installing to avoid problems

install_github("rnbn", username = 'JNCC-UK')


If you have difficulties installing rnbn using this method try updating your version of R to the most up-to-date version available. If you still have problems please contact us or use the issues page.

How to use the package

A good starting point is the vignette, you can download the pdf via this link. Alternatively once you have installed and loaded the package use the following command and click on the link to "User guides, package vignettes and other documentation".


Once you have read the vignette, the help files for each function should guide you the rest of the way. If you have any questions just get in touch via email or using the issues page.

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