Hackage database support + fixes for Browser + Cabal files improvements #33

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serras commented Nov 9, 2011

With these commits, three different things are being worked on:

  • there are some fixes for the Browser, mostly speed improvements. Now package information that cannot be gathered is blacklisted, until a new version of the same package is installed. Also, checking for Hoogle presence is much faster, which means faster startup times for EclipseFP.
  • scion-browser was enhaced with support for downloading the entire Hackage database and browsing it. EclipseFP Hoogle and Browser views now support it. However, it's not used by default, as it uses about 1 GB of RAM. The user can select in the Preferences whether to use it or not.
  • in the Project Explorer the Cabal file is shown first and can be expanded. I'm working on running executables, test-suites and benchmarks from there, but I hadn't had time to do it yet.
@JPMoresmau JPMoresmau merged commit f162884 into JPMoresmau:master Nov 9, 2011

Why are you putting scion-browser in EclipseFP again? We should use the version from Hackage, and not bundle anything there. Anyway, Hackage is on 1.3.1, and this bundles 1.2... I'm confused...

That was done before I knew you were no longer bundling scion-browser not buildwrapper with EclipseFP. Once I knew that, I packaged scion-browser and uploaded it to Hackage. As the code in EclipseFP now downloads the browser from Hackage, this should not be any longer important.

You can safely remove any scion-browser zip in EclipseFP source. I just forgot to do it.

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