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Secure Quick Reliable Login WebExtension for Firefox and Chrome
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Secure Quick Reliable Login by Steve Gibson over at

This is a WebExtension for Chrome and Firefox that enables logging into SQRL-enabled webservers.

How to use?


Install latest release from:

OR clone or download this WebExtension, then create an xpi file with a command like cd SQRL; zip -r SQRL.xpi * then open FireFox Developer Edition (normal Firefox will not work), go to about:config, search for xpinstall.signatures.required and set it to false, then go to about:addons, Click on the gear icon (⚙) pulldown, click "Install Addon From File..." and open the SQRL.xpi file.


Install latest release from:

OR clone or download this WebExtension, then go to chrome://extensions/, enable "Developer mode" and then "Load unpacked extension...". Point it to the root of the SQRL folder/dir you just created.


  • Better error messages on Rescue Code input
  • Remove blocking of cross-origin authentications
  • Add user confirmation of cross-origin authentications, show domain
  • Move identity import to separate tab, not in popup
  • Add identity import by QR code via webcam
  • Font-family on Firefox/Ubuntu is wrong
  • Make non-empty password mandatory
  • Firefox white empty popup:
  • Explain import needs Rescue Code, cannot import with Password
  • Explain Settings > Password > Remember
  • Automatic formatting for textual identity input

Feature requests

  • Change name of identity
  • Keep a list of sites where SQRL was used
    • Click a link to open the site and log in to it
    • Panic button which locks all known sites

SQRL feature status

  • cmd
    • query
    • ident
    • disable
    • enable (URS/SUK)
    • remove (URS/SUK)
  • opt
    • Client-Provided Sessions (CPS)
    • sqrlonly
    • hardlock
    • suk
  • tif
    • ID_MATCH (1)
    • PREV_ID_MATCH (2)
    • IP_MATCH (4)
    • CLIENT_FAILURE (128)
    • BAD_ID (256)
    • ID_SUPERCEDED (512)
  • QuickPass
  • ver ≠ 1
  • ask / btn
  • can (Cancellation URL)
  • x (Path extension)
  • Optional additional name=value pair data
  • Alternate IDK
  • Rekeyed identities
    • Rekey an existing identity
    • Work with rekeyed identities in server communication (max 3 PIUKs)
  • Client secrets (SIN/INS/PINS)
  • Change password with old password
  • Change password with Rescue Code
  • Show domain name on cross-origin authentications
  • Export Identity
    • Text
    • QR Code (with Rescue Code)
    • QR Code (with Password)
    • File
      • .sqrl
      • .sqrc
  • Import Identity
    • Text
    • QR Code (with Rescue Code)
    • QR Code (with Password)
    • File
      • .sqrl
      • .sqrc
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