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Build status License: GPL v3


Ecgberht is a Starcraft: Brood War AI written in Java.

Currently participating in SSCAIT and BASIL ladders:

Ecgberht Profile on SSCAIT

Frameworks and libs used:

Main features:

  • Only knows how to play Terran properly.
  • Capable of executing different strategies. Prefers to play Bio oriented strategies (centered around Marines and Medics) but can also add a few mechanical units to the mix.
  • Implements UCB-1 algorithm for learning best strategy to pick depending of opponent game history.
  • Gaussian Mean Shift Clustering (GMS) for simulations.
  • Can play different sounds.
  • Configurable using config.json file. You can change some debug options, enable or disable sounds, etc.

How to build



With Gradle there is no need of extra dependencies as a Gradle wrapper its included in the repository, just run execute the following command at Ecgberht root folder:

./gradlew clean fatjar

Ecgberht jar file will be generated at build/libs folder.

How to run

java.exe -jar Ecgberht.jar

Its required to run the jar using the 32-bits java.exe executable.