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Here is the NEW Run Forrest Version, it's the FULL open source to the Run Forrest! Project.

When I originally released the Run Forrest! Open source I released a butchered version because I thought I was going to do more with the engine & feared for bootlegged versions to get in the way of that, but it is now a few months later & I have greater ML ambitions that don't include Run Forrest! So Enjoy the full open source!

This version has EVERYTHING, saving brains, campaign, main menu UI, EVERYTHING. This also includes a few fixes that aren't present in the video!

It requires Unity3D to run, & if you want to watch my 4 part devlog on it, here is the link:

To modify the parameters such as Crossover Function & such, i've made it really easy for you & all you have to do is find the gameobject titled "menuParams" & that has a script called Menu Params that you can modify.

Modify this code until your hearts content, & remember to always feed your curiosity!

P.S. If this is too much to take in all at once, perhaps biting off of the more simple version that I originally released here:

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