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Collection of PulseEffects presets
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PulseEffects Presets

A collection of presets for WWMM's PulseEffects

It currently contains:

  1. Bass Enhancing + Perfect EQ

    This preset is based on Ziyad Nazem's "Perfect EQ" combined with the Razor sorround impulse response.

  2. Perfect EQ

    This preset only enables Ziyad Nazem's "Perfect EQ"

  3. Boosted

    This preset is based on Ziyad Nazem's "Boosted" equalizer settings, which especially enhance lower frequencies


The script will try to install the presets automatically, just fire up a terminal and run the command:

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

NOTE: the script requires curl to be installed. Ubuntu doesn't shipt with curl installed by default, so you have to first run

sudo apt install curl

before running the script.

Manual installation

Just clone the repository and then copy the .preset files into the PulseEffects directory you can find in the local config directory. Obviously the location of that directory depends on how you installed PulseEffects. If you installed it through Flatpak, you can find it in ~/.var/app/com.github.wwmm.pulseeffects/config/PulseEffects, or if you used the PPA for Ubuntu (or the AUR package for Arch) it should be ~/.config/PulseEffects

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