Collection of scripts and tweaks to adapt Ubuntu 18.04 running smooth on Dell XPS 15 9570.
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DELL XPS 15 9570 Ubuntu 18.04 Respin

Table of Contents

  1. Post-install script
  2. Ready to use ISO
  3. Manual respin procedure
  4. Switching from one graphic card to the other
  5. Troubleshooting

Collection of scripts and tweaks to make Ubuntu 18.04 run smooth on Dell XPS 15 9570.

All informations, tips and tricks was gathered from:

Kudos and all the credits for things not related to my work go to developers and users on those pages!

What Works Out-of-the-Box

  • Atheros Wifi
  • Audio
  • Audio on HDMI
  • HDMI ( even on lid closed )
  • Nvidia/Intel graphic cards switch
  • Keyboard backlight
  • Display brightness
  • Sleep/wake on Intel
  • Sleep/wake on nVidia

What Doesn't Work at the Moment

  • Goodix Fingerprint sensor

Post-install script

If you already have a standard Ubuntu install, you can try applying basic tweaks with the script. You can run it directly without cloning the repository with the following command (requires curl):

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Ready to use ISO

You can download an already respun ISO here.

Manual respin procedure

  1. Clone the repo and install necessary tools
  2. Download your Ubuntu 18.04 ISO
  3. Respin the ISO (it many take a about 30 minutes or even longer)
  4. Install OS and run post-install commands

Step 1: Cloning the Repo and Installing Tools

To respin an existing Ubuntu ISO, you will need to use a Linux machine with some packages like squashfs-tools and xorriso installed (e.g. sudo apt install -y squashfs-tools xorriso) and a working internet connection. Script require at least 10GB of free storage space.

The first step is to clone this repo:

git clone
cd dell-xps-9570-ubuntu-respin/

Debian-based systems:

Install all the required packages:

sudo apt install -y git wget genisoimage bc squashfs-tools xorriso

Arch-Based Systems:

Install all the required packages:

sudo pacman -S git wget cdrkit bc libisoburn squashfs-tools dosfstools

Step 2: Download your Ubuntu 18.04 ISO

Download Ubuntu 18.04 ISO and copy it in this repository cloned folder.

Step 3: Build Your Respun ISO

Run ./ script like this:

./ -i <iso filename>

There are also two flags you can set for enabling other options:

  • The v flag will autoinstall video codecs if set to true
  • The s flag will disable SPECTRE/Meltdown patches for additional performance if set to false

Run ./ -h for help.

Step 4: Install and Update

Boot ISO from USB device

I sugget Etcher to write ISO on usb flash drives. It's fast, reliable and multi-platform.

Boot system using one time boot menu. Disable Secure boot in bios to boot from the ISO.

Post-install notes

If you want touchpad gestures, check

How to switch from one graphic card to the other


sudo prime-select intel


sudo prime-select nvidia

Note: A full reboot could be required when switching graphic cards.


Check the wiki page about it.

For Ubuntu 18.10, check this link: