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Join the chat at https://gitter.im/GitTools/GitReleaseNotes

Utility which makes it really easy to generate release notes for your Git project. Works with GitHub, Jira and YouTrack. TFS Support coming soon

Have a look at the release notes in this Repo for a sample of what is generated by GitReleaseNotes


cinst GitReleaseNotes

This will use Chocolatey to install GitReleaseNotes into your %path%, ready to be used for any project


GitReleaseNotes must be run inside a git repository.

GitReleaseNotes.exe /OutputFile ReleaseNotes.md

This will write ReleaseNotes.md into the root of your repo, the release notes are generated by:

  • Use the git remote to connect to your issue tracker (if possible, i.e issue tracker is GitHub)
    • Otherwise specify the issue tracker on the command line (/IssueTracker Jira /JiraServer MyJiraServer as well as project name, check /? for more info)
  • Find closed issues since the last release and generate your release notes
  • Use /allTags to generate complete release notes for all releases
  • If the release notes are already generated, GitReleaseNotes will append new closed issues to your release notes, meaning all custom edits will be retained
  • Writes out the release notes following SemanticReleaseNotes.org

You can also use GitReleaseNotes to create a GitHub release, and generate the release notes automatically allowing fully automated releases including release notes generation.

If you use GitHub milestones to manage your releases GitHubReleaseNotes is a similar project.

Versioning a release

GitVersion is another project which can help you generate version numbers and make following Semantic Versions easily

Publishing a release

Initial versions of this tool allowed publishing to GitHub. This has been removed.

To easily create and publish releases, use one of the following alternatives:

To use this workflow you should track the current releases release notes in the repo, then on publish just take the file contents as the description with the above tool.