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Future toons

Text file streaming/processing lightweight library for nodejs. To process big or semi big amounts of logs aka. ngnix, rails production logs i decided to build a set of simple tools that will not just blow up on ~7-10 million of lines files.

Running tests

npm text


i'm using mocha lib by TJ!


var toons = require('future_toons');
new toons("example.js", function(line){

this will print line by line contents of file example.js, first function you supply is callback that will take each line. Optionaly you can supply 3 argument which is callback function that will be called at the end of processing.

command line interface

you can use future_toons from command line like this

node bin/toons -f lib/toons.js -e 'function(line){ if(line.length > 1){console.log("> " + line)}else{console.log(line)}; }'

node bin/toons -h for help


Jakub Oboza -

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