Script# Project - a C# to JavaScript compiler, to power your HTML5 and script-based Web development.
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Welcome to the Script# Project

Script# is a development tool that generates JavaScript by compiling C# source code. It is especially interesting for scripting-in-the-large scenarios that is commonplace in the current generation of HTML5 and script-based Web applications.

Script# lets you leverage the productivity of C# (intellisense, build-time error checking, natural language syntax), and the power Visual Studio IDE and standard .NET tools (such as msbuild, refactoring, unit testing, static analysis, code visualization, fxcop). Script# brings all this to you without abstracting the runtime environment - you're still authoring script, just with a different set of tools.

You can even use Script# to work against other existing frameworks and APIs such as jQuery, jQuery plugins and Knockout, and can be extended to work against other existing script.

Script# requires .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 or (the free) Visual Web Developer Express 2010.

To learn more about Script#, check out the project site, You can also follow @scriptsharp on twitter for the latest announcements. If you'd like, you can also ask general questions about using script# on stack overflow.

Current Status

Script# has been an ongoing project for many years, and as such is quite usable. It is in fact used across a number of large (and some very large) and successful deployed projects, both within Microsoft and amongst other developers.

One area where Script# lacks is good and current documentation. While this is addressed (please stay tuned), be sure to check out the sample apps in the repository.

There is always room for further improvement that range from bug fixes to full-blown features. If you have feedback or suggestions, be sure to file an issue.

The current release is v0.7.4. The next release, v0.7.5 is slated to be a bug fix release. Thereafter work will begin on a major update that brings about a much improved script generation model that incorporates a number of learnings over the years.


Script# builds on the excellent Mono.Cecil project. Thanks to Jb Evain.


Copyright (c) 2012, Script# Project. Script# is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


You are welcome to contribute to script# by reporting bugs/issues, creating and evangelizing samples and success stories, as well as with code. Contributors implicity grant all rights to any code updates/additions made to the project for inclusion under the Apache 2 license.

Fork away, and create a pull request! For any major functionality you'd like to add, it might be good to discuss and share thoughts to better coordinate.