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Multi-languages generator for hexo.
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Multi-languages pages generator for Hexo. Here is a demo


$ npm install hexo-generator-i18n --save



# hexo default is empty, change to exact languages, and add xx.yml under your theme languages dir.
language: [zh,en]
# config hexo-generator-i18n option (optional, this is default option)
  type: [page, post]
  generator: [index, archive, category, tag]
  • type: What type of model to be i18n generated
  • page: All page model under source
  • post: All post model under source/_post
  • generator: Which generator to be i18n generated, it's array of your installed generator names.
  • index: Generate i18n index page
  • archive: Generate i18n archive page
  • category: Generate i18n category page
  • tag: Generate i18n tag page

And add xx.yml (such as zh.yml, en.yml) under your themes languages directory

Set language display name in source/_data/languages.yml (Optional)

zh: 简体中文
en: English


Make sure this plugin after other generators in dependencies of package.json


You may need to replace url_for() to url_for_lang() to output link under current language. Usually, in post/archive/tag/category pages.



Return array of config languages, exclude default language


Return default language, it's the first element of get_langs


Return the absolute url under lang

window.location = {{ switch_lang('en')}}


Return url for path with language

  ret += '<ul class="list-group">';{
    ret += '<li class="list-group-item"><a href="' + _self.url_for_lang(item.path) + '">' + + '</a></li>';
  ret += '</ul>';



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