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A theme engine for Powershell in ConEmu inspired by the work done by Chris Benti on PS-Config and Oh-My-ZSH on OSX and Linux (hence the name).

More information about why I made this can be found on my blog.



  • Easy installation
  • Awesome prompt themes for PowerShell in ConEmu
  • Git status indications (powered by posh-git)
  • Failed command indication
  • Admin indication
  • Current session indications (admin, failed command, user)
  • Configurable
  • Easily create your own theme
  • Separate settings for oh-my-posh and posh-git
  • Does not mess with the default Powershell console


You should use ConEmu to have a brilliant terminal experience on Windows. You can install it using Chocolatey:

choco install ConEmu

The fonts I use are Powerline fonts, there is a great repository containing them. I use Meslo LG M Regular for Powerline Nerd Font in my ConEmu setup together with custom colors. You can find my theme here.


You need to use the PowerShell Gallery to install oh-my-posh.

Install posh-git and oh-my-posh:

Install-Module posh-git -Scope CurrentUser
Install-Module oh-my-posh -Scope CurrentUser

Enable the engine in your PowerShell profile:

if (!(Test-Path -Path $PROFILE )) { New-Item -Type File -Path $PROFILE -Force }
notepad $PROFILE

Append the following lines to your PowerShell profile:

Import-Module posh-git
Import-Module oh-my-posh
Set-Theme paradox

The last command sets the theme for the console. Check the available themes list below.

In case you're running this on PS Core, make sure to also install version 2.0.0-beta1 of PSReadLine

Install-Module -Name PSReadLine -AllowPrerelease -Scope CurrentUser -Force


List the current configuration:



You can tweak the settings by manipulating $ThemeSettings. This example allows you to tweak the branch symbol using a unicode character:

$ThemeSettings.GitSymbols.BranchSymbol = [char]::ConvertFromUtf32(0xE0A0)

Also do not forget the Posh-Git settings itself (enable the stash indication for example):


Hide your username@domain when not in a virtual machine for the Agnoster, Fish, Honukai, Paradox and Sorin themes:

$DefaultUser = 'yourUsernameHere'

Helper functions

Set-Theme: set a theme from the Themes directory. If no match is found, it will not be changed. Autocomplete is available to list and complete available themes.

Set-Theme paradox

Show-ThemeColors: display the colors used by the theme


Show-Colors: display colors configured in ConEmu




Agnoster Theme


Paradox Theme


Sorin Theme


Darkblood Theme


Avit Theme


Honukai Theme


Fish Theme

Creating your own theme

If you want to create a theme it can be done rather easily by adding a mytheme.psm1 file in the folder indicated in $ThemeSettings.MyThemesLocation (the folder defaults to ~\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\PoshThemes, feel free to change it).

The only required function is Write-Theme. You can use the following template to get started:

#requires -Version 2 -Modules posh-git

function Write-Theme

    # enter your prompt building logic here

$sl = $global:ThemeSettings #local settings

Feel free to use the public helper functions Get-VCSStatus, Get-VcsInfo, Get-Drive, Get-ShortPath, Set-CursorForRightBlockWrite, Set-CursorUp, Set-Newline or add your own logic completely.

To test the output in ConEmu, just switch to your theme:

Set-Theme mytheme

If you want to include your theme in oh-my-posh, send me a PR and I'll try to give feedback ASAP.

Happy theming!

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