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A few thought experiments solidified as code.

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jhn_stdlib (γ) Build Status

A few thought experiments solidified as code.


This library consists mainly of code that arose out of my curiosity, either about Erlang and coding in general or concerning a pericular protocol or technique. So there is little of cohesion in purposes between the different library modules. But having published these I will continue to support these since the road to enlightenment is one without terminus.



meck requires rebar to build, but provides make support to download and install rebar. To build jhn_stdlib, go to the jhn_stdlib directory and type:


To make sure jhn_stdlib works on your platform, run the tests:

make test

Two things might seem alarming when running the tests:

  1. Warnings emitted by cover
  2. En exception printed by SASL

Both are expected due to the way Erlang currently prints errors. The important line you should look for is All XX tests passed, if that appears all is correct.


If you want to install your own built version of jhn_stdlib add the ebin directory to your Erlang code path or move the jhn_stdlib folder into your release folder and make sure that folder is in your ERL_LIBS environment variable.


Should you find yourself using jhn_stdlib and have issues, comments or feedback please create an issue here on GitHub.

Patches are greatly appreciated, but since these libraries reflect my learning process and I have rather peculiar notions of code hygiene I may do extensive rewrites that does not in any way diminish the appreciation I feel or indeed express.

For a much nicer history, please write good commit messages. I know I really should.

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