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Import and sync GitHub issues into Trello
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  Usage: app -u <github-user> -r <github-repo> [-g github-token] -k <trello-key> -t <trello-token> -b <trello-board> [KEYWORDS...]


    -h, --help                  output usage information
    -V, --version               output the version number
    -u, --github-user <user>    Github user or organization hosting the repository
    -r, --github-repo <repo>    Github repository name
    -g, --github-token <repo>   optional Github OAuth2 token
    -k, --trello-key <key>      Trello key
    -t, --trello-token <token>  Trello auth token
    -b, --trello-board <id>     Trello board ID (list for now)
    -n, --no-commit             Download and calculate modifications but do not write them to Trello

The repository where to get the issues is specified with -u and -r.

The GitHub token is needed to access private repositories or repositories with more than a few issues.

The Trello key and token are always needed.

The Trello board id is the id in the board link.

Keywords are what to search for to decide if a new issue should be imported. A label for each keyword will be created in trello.

Example call:

node github-issues-trello-sync/app.js -u org -r repo -g ?? -k ?? -t ?? -b ?? search1 search2

Trello Key

Trello Token

Use the key from above in:,write

This will be valid for 30 days, but you can revoke it at

Github Token

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