Collection of scripts I use in the Hopper disassembler
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Parse Swift updated comments Feb 14, 2015


Collection of scripts I've written for the excellent Hopper disassembler. Scripts go in /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Hopper/Scripts/.

  • Parse Swift (Requires Xcode)

Just click on a mangled Swift symbol, run the script, and the demangled symbol will be logged in the document window. Super useful for reversing Swift binaries.

Ex. Click on the symbol


and run.

Annota.NoteViewController.textViewDidBeginEditing (Annota.NoteViewController)(ObjectiveC.UITextView) -> ()

is logged in the document window.

Stdlib symbols such as


work just fine too.

NOTE: this has been built into Hopper v4. The code will remain for users of Hopper v3.