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To build OpFor use a D language 1.x compiler and the Tango library of at least
version 0.99.9. If the compiler is on the path the script will build
the bot.

Running with no arguments builds an optimized executable. Giving
the argument "-static" to the script will build a statically linked executable.
This is probably only useful for meeting the requirements for the Computer
Championship. Any other arguments will be passed directly to the compiler and
will stop the script from giving the compiler it's won default arguments.

This software is being provided with a written authorization from
and in compliance with "Section 3 of the Arimaa Public License".
Authorization #90819. Any rights granted by the end user license of this
software apply only to this software and do not extend to the Arimaa game. The
end user is responsible to ensure that any derivate work based on this software
complies with the Arimaa Public License and obtain any authorization or license
by contacting The Arimaa name is a trademark of The
Arimaa game is patented. The Arimaa game rules, the Arimaa board design and the
Arimaa piece design are copyright protected. The Arimaa Public License allows
cost free use of the Arimaa game for non-commercial use.


An Arimaa bot written in the D programming language







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